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Training Your Coton

 Coton De Tulear dogs score  out of 5 on a scale of how easy they are to train.

The Coton de Tulear is intelligent, making it a quick learner, but it can be a bit stubborn. It thrives on its master's approval, so a praise-based approach, rather than punishment, should be employed. Here are some of our recommendations.


A Sample Video from Baxter & Bella

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How To Train Your Coton Puppy

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Remember that it is vitally important that you begin training your puppy from the day you bring him/her home.  The Coton is a unique breed, and as such, they have unique needs.  What may have worked for you with another breed, may not work with your Coton.  Socialization is an extremely important aspect of training.  You have a narrow window of opportunity where you are able to effortlessly introduce new sights, sounds, people etc. to your Coton.  Somewhere between 12-16 weeks of age, that window begins to close. If you do not take advantage of this window of opportunity, you may find yourself with a dog that is frightened easily or experiences seperation anxiety.  We have done our part, as breeders, to introduce your puppy to the sights and sounds of daily life.  We utilize the methods taught in Puppy Culture to heighten neurological development. As recommended in Puppy Culture, we activated their startle response early on to help improve startle recovery. We don't recommend hiring a trainer right away for your puppy.  You need time to bond and to introduce the puppy to the sights, sounds and activities of your daily life.

We have partnered with Baxter & Bella, an online training program. In accordance with that partnership, they have given us a discount code that we can offer our puppy buyers that will give them 25% off the regular membership price. Use code CCC25. Total cost when using this code comes to a little over $178. I recently had a chance to spend some time with one of our owners and her 7 month old puppy.  I was SO impressed with the way this puppy interacted with us and our dogs.  She told me that they purchased the lifetime membership with Baxter & Bella and followed it religiously.  

The BAXTER & Bella Company is designed to help animal owners successfully integrate a dog into their lives, their families and their homes! We are very impressed with the quality of training that they provide through videos, live zooms, printables etc.  They offer a Lifetime Membership so you can always go back and revisit an area of training, if needed. I have uploaded a sample video on this page. Here's just a sample of what they offer in their Puppy Prep classes:

- Mouthing & Biting

- Barking & Whining

- Patience & Impulse Control

- Housetraining

- Crate Training

- Leash Walking

- Socialization



We believe in training that is force-free, backed-by-science and centered around proven positive reinforcement principles!

We believe in having well-defined boundaries and realistic expectations, in addition to the pursuit of a lifetime of learning, in order to enhance our methods, improve our materials and ultimately help build better relationships with our canine companions.

We believe dogs are NOT robots, but instead are living, breathing creatures with minds of their own, who think for themselves. Like us, they deserve to be treated humanely and with ongoing love and respect.

We believe mutual love and respect will successfully guide us in our interactions, helping us to act appropriate, be responsible, remain positive, have fun and work toward a lasting, rewarding and worthwhile relationship together.

We believe by recognizing, rewarding and reinforcing good behaviors with a combination of food, treats, toys, time, touch, praise and attention, we can influence our dogs to offer desired behaviors more frequently and help us successfully achieve better animal ownership.

We believe proper boundaries, well-defined rules and realistic routines are important in fostering the right canine coaching environment where learning can take place.

We believe it is important for dogs to understand what is expected of them. Through effective communication (marker training), dogs can learn what is wanted and what is not. With practice, patience and persistence mutual understanding is possible.

We believe it is important to teach puppies to think on their own, even from very young ages, using shaping techniques to encourage intellectual interaction.

We believe in becoming better every single day, that life is an amazing journey to be enjoyed, and there are unlimited lessons to be learned!

Check out their Curriculum Roadmap

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