Grooming your Coton is an important part of their daily care. A quick brushing each day will allow your Coton to maintain his beautiful trademark coat with little or no hassle. Although the Coton is considered a non-shedding dog, the hair in their undercoat does come loose and will mat together if not brushed out frequently. Using the proper grooming tools that will reach down into the undercoat to remove loose hairs is key to keeping your Coton free of mats.


Here are a couple of pictures that our puppy owners posted of their darling Coton. This is what a puppy cut should look like, in my opinion.


We use a variety of tools to groom our dogs. Some people prefer to puppy cut their Coton. This reduces the amount of grooming required.

Our first brush was a Mason Pearson nylon brush. That was back in 2004 and it is still in great shape. We have discovered that buying quality products may require quite an investment in the beginning but it is worth it in the long run.

Currently, I'm using a boar's hair/nylon brush.  I'm hoping to add a boar's hair/nylon brush to our line of slicker brushes soon. In the meantime, try the one below. They are a must when blow drying your Coton after a bath.

Andreas' Boar's Hair/Nylon Bristle Cushion Brushes

Boar Nylon brushThis type of brush is great for everyday grooming. The bristles gently massage the skin while removing loose hair that can cause matting. It is made of natural boar's hair andnylon bristles with lightweight beech wood groom grip handle for comfort.

PawSpa Slicker Brushes

We find that a good slicker brush is an absolute must for removing loose hair and tangles.  As a fun, entrepreneurial venture, we decided to design our own slicker brushes. We spent the better part of 2019 testing brushes and making changes to get it just the way we wanted it. We started out using a curved slicker brush, but we found that we experienced hand and arm fatigue more quickly with the bigger curved brushes so when we designed our brushes, we chose to go with a flat design. We designed them with rounded pin heads because it is gentler on the dog's coat and skin. We offer two size - one for regular brushing and a smaller size for those hard to reach areas.  

Large Brush                              

The Slicker brush is used to remove mats. It is a gentler approach than using a comb, which pulls the hair out and can be painful to the dog.
All of the PawSpa Slicker Brushes have rounded pin heads for greater comfort and a soft, relaxed cushion, making brushing easier on both you and your dog. The lightweight Beech Wood body with contoured handles meets the needs of any brushing style or direction. The large brush head measures 3"x5".  Click the image above to shop our Amazon website.


Small Brush 

This small brush is great for grooming the face and under the legs. It offers the same comfort features as the larger brush, just on a smaller scale. The brush head measures 2"x3". Click the image above to shop our Amazon website. 

comb2Greyhound Comb

I wasn't big on combs until one of our puppy buyers introduced me to the Greyhound Two-Tone comb (Thanks, Jan Lockhart). I am in love with this comb.  I love to use it as a finishing comb. They are expensive, but very durable! Click the image to go to the site where I purchased mine.


organicshampooShampoo and Conditioner

Right now my favorite shampoo is an organic flea and tick shampoo sold by Dr. Ben's. Click the image below to order some for yourself. You'll find it under Pet Med.  I really like this product! Ingredients are:

Saponified Organic Oils of



Essential Oil Blend

*Organic Rosemary Extract

*Organic Lavender Oil

*Organic Aloe Vera Olive and

*Jojoba Cedar Oil ​

Plush Puppy

We also like the Plush Puppy line of shampoos and conditioners and use them regularly as well. We will sometimes use it in the winter and go back to the organic flea and tick shampoo in the spring and summer months. I use the Herbal Whitening on their feet and around their mouths year-round. I pump a pea-sized bit of shampoo onto my fingers and work into wet hair. Plush Puppy has an extensive line of products. I am sure there are many quality products out there--these are just the ones we choose to use. We are able to purchase these products locally, however, you can purchase them online as well by clicking the images of the products below. Bear in mind that these products are concentrated-that is why they are so expensive. I fill a 24 oz. water bottle with a sport top with water and add about 8-10 pumps of shampoo to it. Gently mix and use generously. I can get 2-3 baths out of that.

whitening shampoo.jpgHerbal Whitening Shampoo with Ginseng

Great shampoo for reducing yellowing in white coats, and to remove red tones in black, grey or red coats. This shampoo will impart a sparkling clear sheen (does not bleach or lighten). Recommended For: White coats or white areas to reduce yellowing and impart a sparkling clear sheen (does not bleach or lighten). Black, grey, brown and red coats where there is a need to negate unwanted warm tones such as sun fading or reddening in the coat.

shampooNatural Conditioning Shampoo with Evening Primrose

Will add shine and assist disentangling on flowing coated breeds such as Cotons. Derived from: Organic sources with strong emphasis on evening primrose oil. Will add shine and assist disentangling on flowing coated breeds. This shampoo can be used each week to enhance the natural condition of your dogs coat.

conditionerNatural Silk Protein Conditioner

Natural Silk Protein Conditioner will not only leave a great finish on your Coton's coat, but will reduce static electricity and fluffiness in a 'fly away' coat. Derived from: Organic sources with silk amino acids and plant extracts. How to apply: Can be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part conditioner and up to 10:1 for light use. For use on its own or can be mixed with Swishy Coat or Blow Dry Cream or both for specific coat needs and left in to assist blow-drying.